A modern approach to a modern market.

Hello, there! I'm Veronica Lee, and I'm a social media strategist.


A modern approach
to a modern market

How often do you hear something like this:

If it isn't on Facebook, did it really even happen?

Twenty years ago, businesses could take out an ad in a local paper, in the yellow pages, or on the radio, and stay confident that they had done all they could to make themselves known to the community. But nowadays, if you don't have an online presence, it's like you don't even exist.

As a social media strategist, I make it my goal to work with small businesses and give them a competitive edge on the online market. I work directly with business owners and their teams to make sure that their online representation makes worthwhile connections to both their local communities and their worldwide audience.

To take an in-depth look at what I can offer your business, check out my services below, or schedule a consultation with me.


Services and Packages

There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" solution that fits every business. That's why I offer a variety of services and packages to make sure each of my clients has their specific needs met. Some services I offer include:

  • Profile Creation and Tech Set-Up

  • In-House Social Media Training

  • Reputation Monitoring

  • Profile Maintenance

  • Content Creation

  • Ad Management

Free resources for business owners

I'm offering up a short webinar as a free resource with information that any business owner can take advantage of!

In this video, I go over the 3 quickest and easiest ways any business owner can start optimizing their social media reach. No need for a degree in marketing or a knowledge of social media jargon; just press "play" and let me walk you through it!


"I wanted to manage my social media presence on my own, but I didn't know where to start. Veronica trained me on the best strategies for attracting and keeping new followers, so I was able to find new clients online."


Dana VanZandt
Owner of VanZoo Petsitting


"Veronica has taken over the day-to-day operations for my business's social media accounts, including managing my ad campaigns on Facebook. My readers get an ongoing stream of content from me, and new followers get more chances to discover me."

Christine Pittman
Blogger at Cook the Story